Friday, July 24, 2009


Samana... 3 hrs from Santo Domingo.

La Romana...1 hr and 15 mins from Santo Domingo.

Round trip to Samana from La Romana to a waterfall...priceless: unless you are the driver...Jajaja

A group of us went horseback riding to a waterfall in El Limon in Samana which is the most north part of the mainland island. It is so beautiful!!!!

The roads are pristine, but you definitely pay for them. There are tolls the entire way. Similar to the bee line hwy in Orlando. They start you out with 40 pesos (I call it the introductory rate, right at 1 USD) and hit you for as much as 169 pesos (4.72 USD). But I did not see one pot hole the entire way. NOT ONE!!! I did not think that was possible in DR.

It is very mountainous in Samana. It looks like North Carolina in the summer time. Except with palm trees...jajaja You go up...and up and can over look the ocean. It such a view. I have never seen mountains so close to the ocean before.

We were on our way to a little peblo called El Limon where there is a waterfall. We had to ride horses to get to the waterfall. (twist my arm) The trail started out very smooth, then became more difficult. These horses were taking us up and over hills with rocks...across rivers and through the woods in the middle of nowhere. They were slipping and sliding a little. Not because they where bad horses, but because the path was like no other I have seen. These horses we more like mules going through this path. The guides said that the path was so bad because of all the rain.

Thank God we did not try to hike. We would have gotten there the next day.

I liked my horse his name was Negrito. He was very calm. Carlos horse was Malcriado (which means badly raised) He had a whizzing problem, his horse was a smoker, too.

Once we got close, we roped our horses and started our hike to the waterfall. Man, it was a hike and a half down a trail with slippery rock and clay dirt. Carlos and I went for it...leading the pack. I am starting to think that every waterfall has a hike that puts you in a state where you are hot and tired that you are so happy you finally got there. But, Once you do get to the waterfall it is like a great reward. It was so beautiful.

We were able to get sooo close!!! The water was freezing, freezing, freezing, until you were in for a little while. Carlos and I swam under the fall and let the water run over us. We have been to other waterfalls before but never were able to have the water directly fall on our heads. It was very powerful. You do not want the water to hit you in the face, but on your head a bit was nice.

We found a small cave hiding behind the fall where we were able to get into and swim. It was really cool. Then we followed a path holding on to the rocks on the side of the mountain that lead us back to the fall.
You were able to dive from the small cliffs into the pools of water. We waded there for a while before our hike back to the top where our horses were.

The hike back to the top was not as bad as the hike down, but still difficult. We realized that you have to work for the waterfall.
The payment for the waterfall is the workout. But, It makes you want to hike more often. It is a great way to excrsice and now I am in shape...thanks to the waterfall....jajaja

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