Sunday, July 19, 2009

FUN Sunday

Today we were going to go the our home in Saona Island but the ocean was like a washing machine. So we decided to go to Catalina island instead... it is a lot closer. There were a ton of boats. Now that summer time is here, all the tourist are visiting and Catalina was, packed. Catalina is one of the best day trip destinations for La Romana. It is beautiful!!!!

Good thing I brought my trusty snorkel gear. Cause as soon as we dropped the anchor I was exploring the bottom of the sea. First, I found a beautiful starfish right by the boat. Just as I was calling Carlos over, a man snorkeling came up. (being the nice, kind, sharing person that I am) I told him he could touch it. And what does he do.... takes it from me. HE STOLE MY STARFISH!!!!
That was a sign to relocate.

We then went to an area with a ton of mini coral reefs. I felt like it was my own aquarium. There were every kind of fish: yellow tangs, pin fish, trigger fish, tiger fish and even Nemo was there. You were able to see brain coral, sea anemones, star fish and much more. But the coolest was this little yellow sea flower attached to the walls of the rock from the island. As you touched them they would close and hide in the hole where they were sprouting from. I think they had a "look but don't touch" policy.

Carlos suggested that I look inside the big rock holes for lobsters. He said I would definitely find one or two. The lobsters here do not have claws. They have antenna, so I figured I would be able to keep all of my fingers. I was very interested until.... he tells me to watch out for eels.

TOOO tired to... blog... any... more... till next time.

Diana the Exployer signing out...peace

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