Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lets start blogging

I am soo excited to start my new blog and to share my experiances in my new home town La Romana in the Dominican Republic. I have been here now for a month, but have not had internet until now. Our server is Claro and let me tell you...there is nothing Claro about them, But I have internet and that makes me happy.

Today Carlos and I went to Santo Domingo. We go there a couple times a week. The city is 1 1/2 hours away from La Romana going 120 kph. (we are in metric system here). That is a safe speed since it is like a obsticle course. (pot holes, cows, motorcycles) There are cows roaming freely on the highway, yes that is right cows and bulls. It scares the living (you know what) out of me because sometimes they spook and dive into the street. Unbelivable, I still do not understand why the owners don't keep them in a farm... with a fence ...or something. I guess they like seeing their "cash cows" walking away...jajaja

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