Friday, July 17, 2009


A couple of times a week we hop in the car and go around the area. We never really know what we will find. It is sooo much fun!!!! Yesterday we found a cave just past Bayahibe which is 30-40 mins from La Romana. The cave is blocked off with a guard at the front. You are not able to go in without a certified guide with you. So Carlos tells the guy to "just open the damn gate" and.........HE DID. The guard also added how that is the way he likes to be talked to. Jajaja

We entered the village Padre Nuestro, which is the woods. We saw all these little homes where people live. There is no running water and no electricity in this village. It is a dirt road with rocks and hills. We had to put our truck in 4x4. And, this little boy runs up to the truck. Carlos asked how to get to the cave and the boy jumped on his bike and lead us there and gave us a history lesson. Sooo cool.

They call the cave Chicho because there was a man that lived above the cave and that was his name. The Chicho cave is actually a spring. The spring was used as water supply since pre Hispanic times. You are able to see petroglyphs on the wall in the entrance, too.

We are planning to go back next week and explore some more. We were not prepared. We need some rope, a spot light and good hiking shoes...o and a bathing suit.

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